So, you want to know what makes me tick.

First let me address my log line, “thinking inside the box”.  When you first read the words you may think, what a lame-o.  Who would ever employ a designer who is constrained by closed minded thinking?  But let me pose this question to you.  Have you ever watched kids play in a large box that once contained, for example a dishwasher?  You will quickly learn that the box they are playing in is not a box at all.  The discovery that is made is that the box transforms into a space ship or a race car or a castle, a pirate ship or even a cave filled with untold treasure.  Sometimes some of the most creative and inspired ideas come from inside a box.

I was born and raised in a small town in Saskatchewan in an era when facetime was actually meeting face to face, tweeting was talking thru tin cans attached by a string and linking in was seeing friends playing outside and joining the game … don’t judge me :P.

I am interested in history, specifically by the history of individuals.  Recently I learned that the hospital I was born in was being demolished to make way for a new health care facility.  A sad day.  However, I was presented with 2 bricks, one from an interior wall and the other from an exterior wall.  Pretty cool to have a piece of my own history.

In my spare time, I enjoy turning pens on a lathe, painting, acting, gardening and bird watching.  I have especially enjoyed my morning visits on my patio from Buzz the hummingbird.  I have a great sense of humour, so says I, and am currently developing my own comic strip entitled, Sam & Ella, like I said, I think I am funny.

I have been involved in the print and design industry for over fifteen years.  I have worked as a Graphic Designer,  a Large Format Print Media Specialist as well as Print Sales.  I believe that having a background in these areas gives me a unique perspective into the industry.  My experiences allow me to develop a project from inception through concept collaboration and finally to final output whether that be a digital or printed product.

I am currently studying Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Vancouver, and am anticipating to receive my Diploma in December of 2017.  I am grateful to my wife, family and friends for their support and encouragement in this new endeavor.