This chapter is done, well almost. I technically have 3 classes left and one more project to officially hand in, since my website was just submitted. By the numbers I was a student for 13,080 hours or 545 days, in class for 1,228 of those hours and had approximately 11,851 hours of homework. Okay maybe not quite that much but I think it is safe to say that I had 4,912 hours of homework and that number is conservative. Then there are trips to school and the time I spent on transit.

My classmates have been a huge source of inspiration. On many occasions I have taken a new approach to projects because of what I have seen other students bring in for class critiques. I certainly have a specific style which has proven to be quite different from other projects, which is good. The only thing left to do is reflect on what I have accomplished.

My projects can be viewed on my newly minted website.